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They talk of my drinking but never my thirst!

Scottish Proverb

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Essential reading about Fife heritage and more with 'Kirkcaldy Potteries', 'Kirkcaldy Links Market' or maybe Carol's latest: 'Round the World Flying'.

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"..Many thousands of Scots left their native land in the 19th century in search of a new life on the other side of the world..."

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The Kirkcaldy Book

Welcome Failte

Welcome to the new Kirkcaldy Book, an online magazine dedicated to entertaining you and guiding you through the land, the people, the history, myths and culture of the ancient Kingdom of Fife, located on the east coast of Scotland.

Kirkcaldy is one of the main towns situated on the east coast of Scotland. With its contrasting landscapes, from sandy beaches to rugged volcanic shores, from quiet glens to industrial towns, Fife is a land for all tastes. We take great pride in calling our land a Kingdom. We don't use the name "Kingdom of Fife" in any official capacity, it is more of a romantic description of a land and its people, who were, for most of their history, isolated by geographical barriers from the rest of Scotland.

Fife’s Kingdom status dates back to Roman times when the area was covered by forest and was a "Kingdom of the Picts", a savage people who were greatly feared by the Romans. Today the region is mostly famous for St. Andrews being the home of golf. We hope to go beyond this perception, to tell of the history and myths that can still be felt in our towns and villages, to explore our Royal Burghs and the beauty of our small fishing villages, to boast about our famous sons and daughters, and to expose our local talent.

Many of you will fondly remember the original 'The Kirkcaldy Book' web site created by that very fine gentleman, Roy Carnell. Roy's busy life prevented him from having the time to maintain the original site, so we decided, with his blessing, to bring it back to life and develop it as a place of interest for global visitors, local and expatriate Fifers and anyone else interested in our corner of Scotland.

Some of the things that Members & Guests have access to are;

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